Covid Diaries

It is my second day of being laid off.  It still feels like a long weekend.  I gave myself two weeks of waking without an alarm.  I chose two because the first week I knew I would continue to wake up at work time, so it would take me a week to just get to sleeping in.  Then I would have a week of rest, before I work on my new routine.

Sometimes I feel blue about what happened.  I even briefly wondered if they missed me at work.  The place was not good for me, but it still hurt when they broke up with me first by laying off my entire department.

It is a little scary, deciding that I’m going to try to get through the first two semesters of my master program before going back to work, assuming the finances work out.  I’m grateful my family is supportive of the plan.  In the long run, it is good if I’m able to really do well in my classes and learn the content because it will make it easier for me to get a good job at a good company with competitive pay.  I just feel vulnerable and worry I’m making the right decision.

Hot ginger water with honey… or cancer?

I have a bad cough for a couple of days.  It is my main symptom, elevated temp, but not enough for a doctor to get excited.  I’ve tried cough suppressant, a decongestant to dry up whatever is causing it, and tylenol to help with the muscle pain I’m starting to get from coughing so much.  I had a cough like this in the past and the doctor didn’t do much besides give me the rohbitussin I was already taking but in a fancy Walgreens red prescription bottle.

Tired of coughing so much I was disturbing my partner’s sleep, I got up to see if there was anything else I could do to treat the cough so I could get some sleep.  Most suggestions I read I had tried–stay hydrated, take a cough suppressant, but only at night, and take an expectorant during the day, take stomach medicine if you think it could be gerd–then I saw, humidifier, hot ginger water and honey.  I started the kettle immediately.  I had gotten ginger for the saag paneer I had made earlier that week.  My obsessed with cleaning boyfriend had asked if he should throw away the thumb sized piece that remained.  “No, I will keep it and have ginger tea.” I said and sat it by the kettle and tea bags.  See, sometimes it pays not to throw everything away immediately!

I decided I would look at humidifiers on Amazon while I waited for the ginger to steep and the water to cool to a drinkable temperature.  First I closed the bedroom door so I wouldn’t wake my always concerned sleeping giant, got a knife and cutting board.  I cut off an inch piece and removed sliced out the outer pealing, kicking myself moments later for not using the spoon trick I had read about online–Next cup of ginger water I’ll do it that way! I sliced the ginger in a few long pieces and put it in the cup.  While I waited for my electric kettle to boil, I wondered if I should try muddling the ginger, but didn’t have anything in my utensil holders that looked like it would do the job, except my meat mallet, but that seemed like overkill and might make too much noise and wake the house.  Note to self to look at muddling implement while looking at humidifiers in a few minutes.

Finally the kettle clicked and I poured the steaming water into my Shady Pines Retirement Home coffee much I had won at a recent Golden Girls themed brunch.  I grabbed the small honeybear and a spoon and went to sit in my home office.  I let the ginger steep in the water for a couple of minutes before I added the honey in case the honey somehow stopped the ginger from releasing more…gingerness.  I pondered what to do.  Don’t read the news, everything is distressing.  I might have to sleep sitting up.  Maybe I should put on some tv, but that might keep me up too long.  I could try sleeping in James armchair since laying down seemed to make me cough more.  I’d really like to be excited and hopeful about all the voter turnout, but I don’t want to be too sad if Cruz still wins.

Our dog Watson came in to check on me.  She patroled the house at night.  I petted her head and she went back to sleep in the other room. Finally the tea had cooled enough that I could drink it.  It was comforting drinking the sweet hot liquid.  I hoped the internet was right on this one, that hot ginger water would help sooth my cough instead of just suggesting the cough might be a symptom of cancer.  Everything is a symptom of cancer online.

I checked Amazon for humidifers and it reminded me I had purchased one in 2016. “Did I want to buy it again, Amazon politely asked.  Not just yet, I think I can find the one I bought probably the last time I had a bad cough and was looking for relief.

Pepperoni, Lara bars and the Yonana is going to get me through Whole30! I was ready to throw in the towel and order custard from a UberEATS. Once I made some iced cream like fruit purée from the device, I was so much happier.